Five Advantages of living in Smart Homes in Pakistan

“Smart Lifestyle” refers to buildings where modern and Wi-Fi-controlled latest technology is installed for giving control of all devices and electronic equipment in your hand. Smart homes have smart automation solutions that simplify your life and takes day-to-day convenience to a next level, never imagined before.

Millions of people across the world are investing in smart lifestyle and smart devices to improve their quality of life. Wifi-controlled technology has already revolutionized lifestyles across the world. In Pakistan, technology has caught up fast, and home automation is no more a dream now.


Imagine reaching your home in the evening, and before you are inside the house, the lights and heating/cooling system is turned on, the curtains are drawn and coffee starts brewing! Smart technology lets you take control of your lighting, heating and cooling systems, security, climate control, audio/video, energy, intercom, security cameras, curtains and blinds, and even your kitchen appliances, like coffee machine, stoves and ovens, washers, washing machines etc. The “Internet of Things (IOT)” can completely automate your lifestyle!

Here are five ways how smart automation impacts your day-to-day life:

Save time

Living in automated homes will help you save time and effort, as you don’t have to move physically all day to operate devices and appliances. Instead, you can spend more time on your more productive and important things.

Energy Efficiency

Smart homes are environment friendly as they will cut down your energy bill. One of the most important features of automating with IOT is energy efficiency. This technology has inbuilt artificial intelligence and sensors which can detect activity and operate devices accordingly, by shutting them down when not needed. Thus, overall energy consumption will reduce.

Better security solutions

Smart homes can be equipped with smart security devices such as cameras or surveillance system, thus ensuring continuous and reliable security for you and your loved ones. Moreover, smart water sensors, smoke sensors, or fire sensors can all be installed using smart technology, so that you are not only safe, but you have the complete feeling of safety within your home.

Peace of mind

Taking control of your home at your fingertips, getting rid of the hassle of manually operating all devices, better security arrangements, these are the essential features of smart home automation which will give you peace of mind.

Make your home more entertaining

Smart home technology has penetrated the lives of many people across the globe and has even enhanced entertainment at home. From sound system’s connected speakers to your mobile app, you can play music, enjoy your favorite films and shows. So, with this technology you can convert your own home in to a theatre with full control of connected devices.

Pakistan is rapidly adopting the technology and a few residential and commercial buildings offer this technology. Madina Mall & Residency at Bahria Enclave Islamabad brings fully featured smart homes concept for its residents. With the aim to revolutionize the norms of constructions in Pakistan, Madina Mall & Residency is a unique project located in the capital of Pakistan.

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